Holiday Skate Lessons - Beginners
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Holiday Skate Lessons - Beginners

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Our School Holiday Skateboarding introduction program is perfect for all those kids , 5 Years and above, who want to learn the basic fundamentals of skateboarding in a safe and fun environment.

All lessons will be held at the Margaret River Skate Park, from 8 am onwards.

Saturday 12th Jan @ 8am - 9:00 am Beginners Class.

Wednesday 16th, @ 8am - 9:00 am Beginners Class.

Saturday 19th, @ 8am - 9:00 am Beginners Class.

Max 6 Kids per class.

All Skateboards and wrist guards supplied. Kids to bring along their own Helmets.

*Helmets available for those who do not have their own.



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